architecture meets fashion.
cosmic wonder light source 2002-2003 collection.
Hej det er søndag! …time to learn Danish so we can read our LA recs in this beautiful interior design mag @rum_id 😊✌️ (special thanks to @roseapodaca & Jonas of @normarchitects for this feature! 🙏) | #wrkshp がデンマークのデザイン雑誌に載りました!ロスの紹介、きれいな写真で何となく読めました。
concrete bench & green grassy carpet @ Celine.
beautiful IC Lights by Michael Anastassiades.
miss seeing this building on our way to work while in NYC last week. 🚕🏢
at La Garçonne NYC
cotton ramps for a softer landing. #wrkshp SS15 preview 〰〰 | 綿の波に乗って、 😎✌️
getting ready…
Spring/Summer 2015 at WOMAN.
minty freshness for SS15. 🌿 thanks @wrk_shp_ryn for building me those arches. | 来年春夏のカタログ作り。ライアンが建てたアーチと一緒に#wrkshp の服とプランター。😉
Jerry House by Onion
via Frame Magazine
our wall cleats looks good with or without anything hanging.
both are available on our webshop. 
come check them out! 
if you can do it with 3 legs, why need 4? Less is more.
Presenting our 3-Leg Table with concrete feet and drawer. 
Check our more detail photos on our website!
legendary curves of Le Corbusier. 
(At Villa Savoye taken during my 2004 visit )
good bye summer vacation 🌴 | 夏休みおしまい。メキシコまたね! #palapa #wrkshp #islamujeres 📷@wrk_shp_ryn
collecting beach house ideas on our morning walk. ⚪️◽️| メキシコの島でモダンな海辺の家発見!#islamujeres (at Puerta Al Mar, Isla Mujeres, Mexico)